Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mexico - Jan 2012

This was so much fun!!  Dolphin riding

Kissed by a dolphin

Paul kissing the dolphin

I loved it!

Pete was only there one night - he had to go home.

New Years Eve = Paul's birthday!

Mother and son


Happy New Year!!

Our Resort - Isla Majeres Palace

A source of entertainment

recognise this movie star??

colorful ceramics

visit to Chichen Itza - Mayan ruins

happy hour!

very comfy

beautiful beach

storm at sunset - love the light!


the photographer

turtle preservation centre

my favourite scene!

watching the last sunset


Christmas in New York -Dec 2011

Fun to be with Paul and Sharon and discover more of NYC
Christmas Eve fun

Paul and Sharon live in NY

unmistakably NY!

our fav diner - Highliner

winter color

the Grinch - didn't steal our Christmas!

Rockefeller Centre and BIG Christmas tree

our new sweaters!

Radio City show

on Long Island

Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island

Elephant with the big Apple!

911 Memorial

BIG Nutcracker!

Barbados Dec. 2011

View from June's house

rugged coast

 ruins from colonial days

A room with a view!

Scored a coconut

Natural water fall against the coral that makes up the island

beautiful sea

National flower

We went there especially to see June!