Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Loved New York!

Its hard to put excitement into photos!!  I had such fun in NYC....apart from seeing Paul and Sharon, I got around by myself and did the out doorsy things!
First was a little tour of where  "You've Got Mail" was its my all time favorite!
the park where Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly met in the end.

The type of apartment awning where Joe lived
The Brown Stone doorway where Kathleen lived

The cafe where Joe first discovered Shopgirl was Kathleen

I had lunch in that cafe...very fun!

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

I took the Staten Island Ferry across the harbour to see the Statue of Liberty

Wall Street Bull

Occupy Wall St.
Empire State Building and view of the taxis down below.
SO New York!

Sharon and I rode bikes around Central Park.
The Metro stop to get to Paul and Sharons apartment in Chelsea.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sailing Sardinia and Corsica

I just LOVE the colors!

 Lachie went up the mast with the camera...

Bonifacio Corsica - a village hanging on the cliff!
Below is our sailing boat in the harbour - on the end.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This was a beautiful place to stay on Sardinia...the food was awesome!! the rooms were wonderful and the pool was fun!!

night time crazyness by the pool!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rome ~ Aug.

Rome is a fabulous city...full of fountains and statues, lots of squares to hang out and drink great coffee!!

The Spanish Steps

The Pantheon....OUR square!

another bite please!

thats a BIG foot
dinner time!

This pretty much sums up what Martha thot of sight seeing in Rome!

St. Peters...the biggest cathedral in the the Vatican City.
impressive art works.....

but hold on....its all mosaics!!

Us at the Coliseum
going thru a hole in the wall.

ancient ruins

Romulus and Remus being nurtured by the wolf.

the really BIG foot!

night time at the coliseum

Train to Naples.